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Why We Picked Mary

Mary-Farrell.jpgMy name is Mary Farrell and on paper I am just your average 31 year old mother and wife from Eden Prairie. When people glance at me they probably see an overweight 30 something women. What the average person doesn’t realize is I have run the New York City Marathon and have competed in triathlons. My weight struggle and body image issues started when I was eight, and I was put on my first diet. Due to teasing and the need to fit in, I became bulimic when I was 11. About ten years ago I kicked the habit, with the help of therapy. As a result of poor eating and my tendency to binge I have been anywhere from a size 4-18W. At age 14 my father died of a heart attack unexpectedly. This event devastated me to the core. I never want my daughter to experience this type of pain. I have lost over 50 pounds on my own since her birth. I need this life changing fitness makeover to keep me going on my journey. An additional reason I need Steele Fitness to help better my life is to finally shed the extra weight and stop the cycle of obesity in my family. My two year old will someday look for me to be an example of healthy living and positive life style choices. With the help of Steele, I know that my daughter would find inspiration and direction to have a healthful life.

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