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Why We Picked Lisa

Lisa-Viane.jpgHi - I'm Lisa - a 44 year-old full time single mother. Every year I make the same resolution, to lose weight and shape-up so I can: feel better about myself and be a strong role model for my daughter; wear a swim suit at the pool (red bikini); feel comfortable enough in my own skin to think about dating again; and actually train/run one of those races I keep signing up for (I have ironman dreams but a doughboy body!). I am 6 weeks away from my 45th birthday and I weigh more than I did when I gave birth 11 years ago, and worse than that - weigh more than my ex-husband does. I refuse to wear a bathing suit in public, have not been on a date in over 3 years; and feel worse and worse about myself, making me a terrible role model. I need a major ass-kicking, motivational recharge and the help to bring out the confident, sexy woman that I know is inside me. (Yes I realize that I should feel sexy and confident regardless of size, but I just don't feel that way in size 16 pants and baggy shirts.) I know under all this there is a 6-pack, cut arms and fast twitch muscles that can run an under 4-hour marathon just waiting for someone to show them the way out. Please help the real me come out and kick the butt of the flabby couch cushion I have become!

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