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Why We Picked Joy

Joy-Isakson.jpgHi! I'm Joy, a happily married mom of 5 children! I have been healthy and active my entire life (before kids!) playing sports and exercising regularly throughout my teen and adult years. However, over the past 11 years I have gained 242 pounds and lost 180 pounds.....all without going on a single diet! After 5 pregnancies, I have 5 gorgeous, healthy children and only wish that they also had a gorgeous and healthy mom. This past January, before my daughter's birth, I reached an all time high weight of 242 pounds! Since then, I have tried to eat healthy and have lost 30 pounds. I have spent an entire decade at home, focusing on my children and taking amazing care of them. Now, with 5 pregnancies behind me, I really need someone to teach me how to care for my own body and get it back in shape. I have not exercised in the past 10 years and don't even know where to begin! By giving me the opportunity to change my life, you will not be helping just one person gain better health, but an entire family of 7 to become healthier! If I am chosen, you won't be disappointed with my enthusiasm or hard work. Please grant me the chance of a lifetime!

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