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Hosting an exchange student from Norway creates cross-cultural bonds.
by Sara Schlueter
Hosting an Exchange Student | Viking Magazine
Volunteering + Nonprofits
The winners of this year's WomenVenture grants grew up with the entrepreneurship bug in place.
Tina Wells
Newcomers' Guide
Ours is a tale of two cities, 182 leafy suburbs, and even more lakes. Consider this your welcome-wagon introduction.
Map of neighborhoods in Minneapolis/St.Paul
With many job fields booming, the state’s colleges and universities are ready to help adults like you move up.
woman reading book on couch
SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION | Many programs at Twin Cities Community and Technical colleges get Minnesotans into jobs surprisingly quick with surprisingly livable wages.
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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION | Most students who attend Minnesota colleges stay here to work and make families. A smart idea for them and for our state? You betcha.
Volunteering + Nonprofits
This year’s honorees do everything from teaching preschoolers their colors to fostering peace among enemies.
Deciding to continue your education is the start of something big: Discovering a new part of you.

Tips from education experts on how students can make the most of their high school experience.

by Mpls.St.Paul
Volunteering + Nonprofits
In honor of WomenVenture’s 17th annual Fall Event, we chatted with keynote speaker Thia Breen and three intriguing local women entrepreneurs.
by Mpls.St.Paul Editors
Volunteering + Nonprofits
For more than 20 years, we’ve recognized Minnesotans who make a positive difference around the Twin Cities. Meet our  Volunteer Hall of Fame class of 2012.
by Kara Eliason
Good Deeds: 2012 Volunteer Hall of Fame
Our expert-driven checklist will help you see where you stand.
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