An expertly crafted guide to having . . .

The Best Summer Ever

Thou shalt not wear jorts.

Doug Flicker's lakeside snack shack, Sandcastle, at Lake Nokomis
Cross these off your bucket list before summer's end.

Try some fresh waters this summer by pinpointing your ideal mix of sand, skin, and aquatic activity, from teeming shores to suit-optional seclusion.

The boat dock at Acqua Forest Lake
Everybody loves to eat by the water, but that usually means that lakeside dining goes hand in hand with crowds.

Beachside picnic set up in a canoe
You've been dreaming of a summer picnic, but (let's be honest here) who's got the time to create the perfect spread? So let someone else do the work.

Nice Ride bicycle
One of the best ways to drink up the local brew culture is by exploring the different brewing districts via bicycle.

Here's how to get through summer with an after-action plan for all your favorite activities.

W.A. Frost and Company patio
Sure, rooftops and decks are all the rage, but not every patio fits every social situation (or stage of life).

Mill City Farmers Market
Before you blindly hit up the closest bastion of booths, let us help you discern which market is the right one for you.

Moviegoers at Cottage View Drive-in
Summer in Minnesota isn't complete without taking in a movie under the stars. But you still need to decide where—and how you plan on getting there.

How far do you want to go for a fresh-from-the-farm piece of 'za?

Illustration of Lake Minnetonka
Lake Minnetonka offers otherworldly opportunities for outdoor fun in the summer.

Jim Lupient Water Park
Find a great water park—without spending half the day in the car. No matter where you live, there's an epic splash pad to help you keep it cool.

From water parks to patios, we'll be all over the cities having the BEST. SUMMER. EVER. Won't you join us?

Not ready to have your best summer ever yet? Jump into spring first.