Tad Simons

Tad Simons

Contributing editor Tad Simons is an award-winning journalist whose writing on the local arts scene has appeared in the Twin Cities Reader, City Pages, St. Paul Pioneer Press, American Theatre magazine, BackStage, Variety and the Washington Post. Over his 25 year career, Tad has covered theater, books, music, visual arts, dance, film, and performance art (including politics). Tad’s articles and essays on these and other subjects have won more than 30 local and national awards for editorial excellence.

4.27.07: Next Opens in Theaters

Like most everyone else in this Us Weekly, Access Hollywood–ized world of ours, I know more than I’d like about the assorted catfights and chemical dependencies of the Paris, Lindsay, and Britney set. 

4.14:07: Low at First Ave. and Halloween, Alaska at the 400 Bar

I hate to admit this, but I've never seen Duluth folk singer/guitarist Charlie Parr perform live.

4.7.07: K2 at the Jungle Theater

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing K2 at the Jungle Theater.

6.14.07: TU Dance at the Southern Theater

After TU Dance’s spring concert is over and the dancers have gone, the Southern Theater stage seems bereft, empty, orphaned—but the dance goes on in the viewer’s eyes, afterimages of motion flickering over the ordinary world outside.

6.6.07: Shojo Manga! Girl Power! East and West at MCAD

When I lived in San Francisco, I would sometimes visit a certain bookstore in “Japantown,” a neighborhood of Japanese shops and restaurants in the middle of the city.

6.28.07: Such Sweet Thunder at Orchestra Hall

This weekend's lineup of Twin Cities Jazz Festival events got off to a rollicking start last night when, over the dinner hour, Chicago bluesman extraordinaire Big George Jackson and his band slung their gutbucket blues at a jovial crowd on Peavey Plaza. 

6.29.07: Emigrant Theater's Hunger at Mixed Blood

Who hasn’t wanted to occasionally drown their fears? In Hunger, a new play by Sheri Wilner and produced by Emigrant Theater, the lead character does it not with alcohol, but with the Atlantic Ocean.

7.6.07: Girl Friday's Our Town at Minneapolis Theatre Garage

Girl Friday Productions' Our Town is as unadorned and lovely as its characters.

8.4.07: New Photography: McKnight Fellows 2006/2007 at MCP

Openings are the best kind of parties—free food and wine (even if it is served in plastic cups), interesting people, and good atmosphere. 

8.25.07: Girls Rock! at the Ritz

A couple of nights ago I was at the local premiere of Dirty Country, a hilarious documentary about Larry Pierce, a singer-songwriter who performs raunchy country music only the ill-informed would call misogynistic—his songs are so juvenile that you gotta believe Pierce is the only one being oppressed.

9.9.07: Average Family at Children’s Theatre Company

There’s a moment in the beginning of the Children Theater Company’s Average Family when you think, Hmm, maybe this isn’t going to be another one of those preachy, warm-hearted, message-driven plays about the joys and rewards of rediscovering one’s lost Native American heritage.

10.25.07: Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation at the Weisman Art Museum

Changing Hands fills four rooms—about half of the Weisman’s gallery space.

10.17.08: Jimmy Pardo at Acme Comedy Co.

Jimmy Pardo is an animal—a small, five-foot-three-inch male who grew up in Chicago and migrated to Los Angeles. 

10.6.07: Georgia O’Keeffe: Circling Around Abstraction at the MIA

Waiting in lines ranks high on my list of un-fun activities. But if you're going to wait, you could do worse than standing feet away from ancient Roman marble sculptures and mosaics. 

12.7.07: Ethnic Dance Theatre's Nutcracker! at E. M. Pearson Theatre

The simple premise of Ethnic Dance Theatre’s Nutcracker! is that all the various characters and nationalities in the story are represented by authentic folk dances.

11.11.07: Hip Hop Live at First Avenue

We’ll get to the Hip Hop Live review in a second, but first, let’s pour a forty for our homey, Norman Mailer.

11.3.07: PhotoBravo at Minnesota Center for Photography

From the look of things, the Minnesota Center for Photography is attracting not only photography enthusiasts, but those with dollars to indulge their affinity.

2.15.08: Chek It, Baby at Bryant-Lake Bowl

Reviewing theater on The Morning After is ruining my life.

2.3.08: Anxiety Dreams at Altered Aesthetics

Altered Aesthetics has picked an irresistible premise for one of two shows currently up at the gallery. Who hasn't had dreams that the universe may be more malevolent than you thought? 

3.21.08: Bob Weir & Ratdog at O’Shaughnessy Auditorium

Since Jerry Garcia died in 1995 and the Grateful Dead disbanded, the living members of the Dead have splintered off to pursue other projects and form groups of their own.

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