Elizabeth Ries

Elizabeth Ries
Elizabeth Ries and Jay Reimers
The Bride:
Age: 31
Hometown: Apple Valley, MN
College: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Occupation: Host of Twin Cities Live on KSTP, Co-host of Margery & Elizabeth on myTalk 107.1
The Groom:
Age: 32
Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN
College: University of Wisconsin-Madison, St. Cloud State
Occupation: Sales
The Details:
Engagement Date: February 2, 2013
Wedding Date: September 21, 2013
Wedding/Reception location: A private residence in Western Wisconsin
The Ring: A cushion cut canary diamond surrounded by yellow gold and a halo of small diamonds in a platinum setting.
A Bit About Us: Jay and I both attended UW-Madison at the same time and despite having lots of mutual friends and hanging out at the same places, we never met. Jay spent a few years after school moving all across the country, playing hockey while I was making my way through different television markets. Finally, we both landed back in the Twin Cities. My dear friend Jenna met Jay through her then-boyfriend (and now husband!) and decided we were the perfect match. We met briefly in September of 2010 and finally went on our first date in November. It was a cold Thursday night and we met in Uptown at Amore Victoria. We sat down for dinner but didn’t open the menus for two hours because we couldn’t stop talking. Best first date ever.
I fell in love with Jay and so did my best pal, Henry (my Westie).
Engagement Story: Our engagement was just like Jay is to me: everything I needed and everything I didn’t even know I wanted. A couple of weeks before the big day, the team at TCL asked if I was available for a quick appearance at an event in downtown Minneapolis on a Saturday night. It was going to work out perfectly, since Jay planned a hunting trip with some buddies that day and would likely be back late.
After a fabulous day of shopping, lunch, and wine with my mom, I got ready and made my way downtown. It was snowing and Jay called to tell me he was headed back from hunting (with a goose for me to cook!) and to warn me to be careful driving. He planned to meet me after the goose drop off and a quick shower. My executive producer at TCL called me as I was parking to make sure I was almost there, since she was meeting me for the event at CRAVE. Just as I walked in the door, Jay texted me to call him when I was finished. As I rode up the escalator, I replied that I probably wouldn’t be long.
But when I got to the top, I saw Jay standing there! He was emotional; I was confused and surprised. And when he got down on one knee, I crouched down with him. Finally I figured out what was happening and stood up as he told me he needs me for the rest of his life and asked my to marry him. I replied with lots of yeses, hugs, and tears.
But that wasn’t the only surprise in store for me. Jay told me we were going to have a romantic dinner together and started walking me toward CRAVE’s private dining room. Still shaking, overwhelmed, and ridiculously blissful, the doors opened. I was shocked to see our family and friends waiting for us with beaming smiles. My sisters and best friends flew in from New York, Chicago, and San Diego. My former TCL co-host and his wife drove up from Kansas City. It was a room filled with love ready to celebrate our relationship and future.
The Big Day: During our engagement party, I told Jay I can’t imagine how our wedding can possibly top such an amazing night. We are planning an outdoor wedding and tented reception on the same property, so the party will be continuous from the time our guests arrive. We want it to feel like just a bigger version of one of our dinner parties so we’re planning to serve a family style meal. My mom is an interior designer, so she’s taking over the d├ęcor! We can’t wait to share such an incredible day with our family and friends.
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