Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl was born in New York City, little aware of her destiny—to eat out a lot in Minnesota. She has been writing about restaurants and wine since 1997, first as the restaurant critic for City Pages, then for Minnesota Monthly and Real Food, and now for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Her food writing has appeared in Gourmet, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and many other publications, (her work has appeared in six editions of the Best Food Writing in America anthology, if anyone's counting,) and her last book was Drink This: Wine Made Simple. She has been nominated 10 times for James Beard Awards, the Oscars of the food world, and has won five times. She lives in south Minneapolis with her husband and two young children, a life she says is very close to perfect, because it is rich in both Sauternes and string cheese.

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Panic in Bloom

Bees are dying. So are moths And every other kind of pollinator. No pollinators means no flowers, no fruit, no nuts. Is this the end of the world as we know it?

No Oprah, No Problem

Thomasina Petrus has a button nose, dimples, jet-black curls, and the ability to make your skin go to goose bumps when she sings.


Broders’ new wine bar offers a distinctive twist.

Double-Fried Chicken Revolution

When did Minnesota acquire a great Pan-Asian fried chicken scene? Just recently. Grab your wet-naps and get crunching.

Is There a Minnesota Style Pizza?

Something different seems to be crackling across the Minnesota pizza-scape.

Think Outside the Cash Box

What if we were just as creative now as we were in the ’90s?

A Real Pie Chart: Top 7 Twin Cities Slices

This is a very pie-intelligent town. Here are the ones you shouldn’t miss this summer pie season.

Booze Boom

The final nail in Prohibition’s coffin: Behold the new local microdistillery boom.

Death Becomes Her

A gravedigger’s daughter mourns the passing of an era.

After the Oceans
After the Oceans

It turns out there aren't plenty of fish in the sea after all. Meet the Minnesota entrepreneurs and scientists who are starting fish farms to solve a problem they didn't create.

Smack Shack
The Triumph of the Lobsters

Once a diminutive food truck, Smack Shack has blossomed into a New England treasure, right in downtown Minneapolis.

Mankato Gourmet
Mankato Gourmet

With a rash of high-quality food startups in the area, there may be something entrepreneurial in Mankato's water.

Borough's salmon
Next Best Thing

Twin Cities chefs push the envelope in three delectable new restaurants.

Hmong House
Hmong House

North St. Paul’s new Hmong House is finally the Hmong restaurant Minnesota has been waiting for.

Front And Center
Front & Center

Stars step into the spotlight at a place where the actors, artists, and writers just happen to have disabilities.

Generation Next: Gray House, Nightingale
Generation Next: Gray House, Nightingale

Intimate, personal mom-and-pop restaurants are the new thing on Lyndale, ushering in a new era of real neighborhood gastronomy.

The New Fruitcake

It’s time to bury all the old fruitcake jokes—our
leading bakers are deliciously bringing back the
historic holiday treat. 

Cafe Maude
The New Cafe Maude at Loring Park

Cafe Maude's new location at Loring Park offers the same glories as it's South Minneapolis spot but with some upmarket additions.

La Belle Vie, Cafe Levain, and HauteDish Do Veg
La Belle Vie, Cafe Levain, and HauteDish Do Veg

Everyone keeps telling us to eat more vegetables—but how can it ever be interesting? Top restaurants have some great ideas.

Love in Lakeville: A Family's Battle With Mitochondrial Disease
Love in Lakeville: A Family's Battle With Mitochondrial Disease

The Wendts visited a dozen specialists. None could tell them why their first-born baby couldn’t make eye contact, roll over, or babble.

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