Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl was born in New York City, little aware of her destiny—to eat out a lot in Minnesota. She has been writing about restaurants and wine since 1997, first as the restaurant critic for City Pages, then for Minnesota Monthly and Real Food, and now for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Her food writing has appeared in Gourmet, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and many other publications, (her work has appeared in six editions of the Best Food Writing in America anthology, if anyone's counting,) and her last book was Drink This: Wine Made Simple. She has been nominated 10 times for James Beard Awards, the Oscars of the food world, and has won five times. She lives in south Minneapolis with her husband and two young children, a life she says is very close to perfect, because it is rich in both Sauternes and string cheese.

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Celebrate Cupcakes, for A Great Cause!

Unless you’ve been living under a thick blanket of chocolate fondant, you know that the Twin Cities have been in the throes of cupcake madness for the past many years, with cupcake specialist bakeries (including Cupcake, Sweets Bakeshop, and Sweet Retreat), a cupcake truck, and now possibly a cupcake world grand champion!

Guests singing at Nye's Polonaise Room
Open On Thanksgiving

Where to eat should disaster strike.

Patrick’s Bakery to Open New Tarte Flambée Restaurant

Sit down, people of the northwestern suburbs, I’ve got some good and shocking news: You’re getting a 200-seat Alsatian tarte flambée restaurant and one of the best French bakeries in the country.

Pride Visitor’s Guide: Top 5 Minneapolis Food & Drink Tourist Attractions

This year's Pride Fest—the first one since Minnesota passed a law allowing gay marriage — is gonna be historic. So much to celebrate!

The Rookery Details: Sandwiches, Fun Microplates, and Molecular Crazy Travail-Style Cocktails

Everywhere I go people keep asking, "How is it possible Travail could close?" "Will it be the same? And what is up with the new locations?

A chef at Travail holds a plate of food
The Scoop on What Travail Plans to do with all that Kickstarter Cash!

In six hours, Travail reached its Kickstarter goal. Now they've surpassed $180,000, so what will they do with all that cash?

Tastemakers: Secrets to Minnesota Food Entrepreneurs Success, Revealed!

What makes Minnesota food life so awesome? No really! Really. We have great producers of so many things—baguettes, ducks, grass-fed milk, soft ripened cheeses, Mangalitsa ham, bourbon, kettle corn.

Tiki drink
Tiki Is Hot Again: Top Tiki in Minnesota!

Pu pu platters are flaming hot—ba dum sha. No really, tiki is back, taking Minnesota by storm this summer, from high octane zombie drinks to full throttle pu pu platters.

Too Early Review: Ipotli

When the new Indian spot in the skyways popped open earlier this month, I had to try it. Because: What’s up with the Indian food boom in the skyways?

Too Early Review of Andrew Zimmern’s Food Truck—And Won’t You Come Drink Bubbly With Me? Ticket Giveaway!

Remember when the Marx Brothers tested out their material at the Orpheum Theater on Hennepin, testing for laughs before they filmed it? Of course you don’t. No one does.

Mini donuts from Minnesota Saloon
Introducing The Minnesota Saloon! Cheapskate Locabeer Bar in Downtown St. Paul—and Juicy Lucy Contender!

Good news, downtown St. Paul: There’s a new solid burger bar in the middle of downtown, with a good beer list, and bean bag toss! It’s called The Minnesota Saloon . . .

Is Michelle “Salty Tart” Gayer Going to Star In CBS’s Great American Bake Off? Plus, Minneapolis Cakewalk, Feb. 28

Is Michelle Gayer, local superstar baker behind Minneapolis fave bakery Salty Tart, about to be launched into the reality cooking show stratosphere as a judge on the forthcoming CBS show the Great American Bake Off? 

Bartenders serving up a punch bowl at Marvel Bar
Announcing Punch, Pickled Eggs, Fancy Gorp at Bachelor Farmer!

Hey, have you followed the whole punch revival that's been sweeping the globe? Punch is so big among cocktail thinkers it’s ‘the next craze' . . .

Ask the Critic, Twitter Edition

This week we decided to get all digital—not so digital that this edition will be delivered by Holographic Tupac, mind you, but rather digital, all of the questions for this week’s segment came in over Twitter.

Bone marrow and toast at Meritage in St. Paul
Best Happy Hours: Downtown St. Paul

Downtown St. Paul has a lot of claims to drinking fame, and it's still making drinking history now—if you know where to go.

Top 5 Drive-In Restaurants—Is Spring Here Yet?

Anyone remember spring? Long revered as a snow-free season, many older Midwesterners recall “spring” as a time of year when trees sprouted “leaves” and people rolled down their car windows to admit air warmed by the “sun.”

Top 5 East Coast Pizza-By-The-Slice Spots in Minnesota: Which One Will Hello Pizza, Ann Kim’s Sequel to Pizzeria Lola, Unseat?

Heard rumors that Edina’s getting a second Pizzeria Lola? Not so fast—the old Franklin Bakery site is actually getting something very different.

Frozen Yogurt
Top 5 Frozen Yogurt

The frozen yogurt phenomenon has ripped across the Twin Cities like a sweet tornado, leaving gummy worms and cookie crumbs in its wake. If you’ve never seen one of these places, they’re nuts!

Top 5 New Cheffy Gen-Y Tacos!

After running around the Twin Cities for the better part of a month eating tacos, I can’t do it.

Top 5: Pizza Farms!

Since time immemorial, mankind has yearned for one thing above all else, that pizza would grow on trees.

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